How do I make a personalised wine glass with Mon Verre?
1. Select the glass(es) you would like to purchase.
2. Is this a gift? You can choose whether you would like for the glasses to arrive in a gift box, which incurs a small additional fee.
3. Click personalise now. This will allow you to choose the number of characters you would like on each glass and enter accordingly.
For example, you can choose two characters and write in MV & AC for each glass, respectively.
4. You can also include a personalised message to your loved ones by writing in the ‘gift card’ section. Mon Verre will then include the handwritten note in your delivery.
5. Click ‘Add to Cart’ which will take you to the checkout page. Here you can select either our Free Standard Shipping (Australia wide) or Express.
6. You will then receive an update with your order confirmation, followed by shipping and tracking information.


Can I put my glassware in the dishwasher?
While the glasses are dishwasher safe, we recommend that you hand-wash your glassware one piece at a time in moderately hot water using a mild detergent. Use a soft cleaning cloth – do not use scouring pads or abrasive cleansers.
After washing in detergent, rinse your glass well in clean water then air dry on a draining rack or hand dry with a soft lint-free cloth.
To prevent cracking or breakage caused by extreme temperature variations, do not pour cold liquids into the glass that has just been washed in hot water. Likewise, allow the chilled glass to reach room temperature before immersing in hot water.


What do I do if my order was broken in transit?
Please email us at customerservice@monverre.com.au
If your order was broken, please make sure you email Send us a photo of the broken goods within 7 days of receipt to arrange a replacement. It is against the law to post broken glass or ceramics - please do not send back. 
Please include the following information in the email:
1. A clear overall image of the glassware in the packaging that is broken.
2. Close up of the part that is broken
3. Clear photo encapsulating both the break & engraved initials on the glassware.
Once your email has been received and the photo is approved we will contact you to organise a replacement. 


Can I order in larger quantities/bulk orders?
Of course! We engage with corporate partners that offer our glassware as gifts for clients or employees. We typically do initials, however we have the capabilities to do a company logo depending on the artwork provided. Please email your wholesale request and company logo (or requested initials) to customerservice@monverre.com.au

Can I cancel my order or return my item once I have purchased?
Unfortunately, we have a no cancellation policy considering this is a personalised item – these are made especially for you! Mon Verre aim to personalise all glassware within 24 hours of the order being placed to ensure that the lead time is minimised.