Returns Policy


Unfortunately our personalised products are customised to your request, therefore, we are unable to refund, exchange, amend or cancel an order unless the item is damaged. If you do have any queries regarding your order once you have purchased, please contact us via email at


All pre-sale orders are final and cannot be refunded. If you require an amendment to your pre-order, please send an email to within 3 business days of the pre-order dispatch date as advertised on the product page on the Mon Verre website.


If you find that your glasses have arrived broken in the mail, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Order number
  • Confirmation of glass type and initials of broken glass
  • An overall image of the broken glass
  • Close up image (if possible) of initials of broken glass

Ensure that you do not attempt to take the glass out of the plastic packaging to avoid injury.

Upon notice of the broken glass, with approval from the customer service team, we will contact you to organise a replacement as soon as possible.

Do not attempt to return the broken glass as it is illegal to send broken glass via mail. Please dispose of the glass safely in your home/business.


Personalised products are made to your specifications and may not be changed, exchanged, refunded, or returned.

All personalisation will be completed as per the details entered via the form on the product pages at Personalisation is case sensitive. All special requests for personalisation outside the parameters of the website will need to be submitted to

The final size and placement of the monogrammed initials is at the discretion of the Mon Verre team.


Bubbles or seeds are characteristics of handmade glasses. This occurs when chemicals are combined in the fusing/melting of the raw ingredients. However, Mon Verre thoroughly inspects all glasses prior to dispatch, so that any bubbles or seeds that are visible along the rim or in the area of personalisation are not deemed to be the standard quality for our customers.


A visible line is a near invisible difference in the thickness of the glass which occurs during the fusing of the molten crystal. These lines are a natural outcome of any handmade crystal glass products and are not considered flaws in the glass. This line may be visible upon close examination of the glass when empty, once the glass is full, the line will disappear.

All glasses go through a quality assurance process before they are dispatched. If there are any lines that are highly visible and will compromise the look of the final product, this will not be considered up to our standards, and not sent out to customers.