Personalized Salome Martini Glass - Set of 2

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Part of the enjoyment of making the perfect cocktail at home, whether it be with lovers, friends or your own company, is sipping it in the perfect glass. The sophistication and elegance of the Salome Martini Glass will elevate any cocktail to make you feel like you’re sipping at the bar of your favourite cocktail lounge. 

The sleek, modern silhouette not only adds a bold, yet elegant statement to any table, but serves to give you the best drinking experience. The wide opening of the bowl allows for beautiful garnishes and an enjoyable sipping experience, while the thin yet strong stem ensures that the cocktail remains chilled between laughs and conversations with lovers or friends. Add personalisation for that special touch they didn’t know they needed.

All Mon Verre glassware is manufactured using premium quality crystal reinforced with titanium, creating a more durable glass, less sensitive to breakage. Titanium increases the mechanical strength and scratch resistance, making our glasses clearer and brighter for longer. Learn more about our glass.